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Looking to buy a paper plate machine? You have come to the right place.

Royal industries has been in business for a decade and we know just how to ease the process.


1. Paper products are the future
In our times of rapid polythene manufacture we know our environment is going downhill. And the government is going to come down very strongly against it as has the Maharashtra government recently. It is better to make the change voluntarily than through a government order.

2. Low cost of production
The investment to output ratio in this sector is very high. With the initial investment cost, multiple productions in single shift and the low subsequent maintenance cost you will get long term benefits.

3. High profit margin
Since this business is perennial and requires low input, the profits are increased manifold. Also, you can sustain this business easily.

4. Easy business setup
machine requires little space
can be setup even at home ( no worries about creating an office space separately, in turn cutting down on cost)
anybody can operate it (people of all young and old age groups, genders and literacy levels can operate it)

5. Economic independence
This business will promote sustainable livelihoods, especially for widows, destitute families and marginalized youth and weaker section of the society through skill development, ensuring supply of inputs, providing necessary capital/equipment, facilitating market linkages and technology transfer/upgrade.


Training provisions
We provide skilled manual training to operate this machine

Provision of machinery with free installation We understand how installation can be a headache and therefore want to make it easier for you. Installation is complementary with every machine.

Raw material availability
This is your one stop destination for all the machine related needs. We can provide you with the raw material too and right at your doorstep (charges extra).


This is the best Business in today’s time because the demand of paper plates & paper cups are increasing day by day. We provide paper plate, paper glass & tissue paper making machines. ROYAL INDUSTRIES will supply the total raw materials on second party’s payment. This is a small scale industry and to start this work only a small space at your residence is required. Daily income of Rs.500 to Rs.2000 can be earned with the help of Royal Industries. People of all age groups, educated/uneducated persons and ladies can do this work easily with small investment and earn good income at home.

When it comes to the quality of the machines, we are the best in the trade. Customer satisfaction is our priority and the impeccable quality of our products, ensures that. We guarantee the durability of our machines. We create our own machines to give the best to you!

Our manufacturing unit is provided with grade A machinery and other functional accessories which help us in producing the various machines and moulds with ease.
the constant support of our skilled professionals ensures top quality products
We frequently check the functional capabilities of the machines and update our technology and upgrade our machines.

To ensure generation of quality products
To do our bit in nation building by creating small scale industries which thus generate employment.
To protect our environment
Maintaining integrity and honesty in business
Ensuring transparency